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Improve your organization’s IT agility, performance, and flexibility as you master the skills needed to conquer VMware.

Are you ready for the next step of Networking?  Have you know About the migration to VMware NSX-NV to be a good platform? This cloud network & Data Center platform gives you the opportunity to run software and workloads on all infrastructure types (, containers, virtual machines , servers and public and private cloud).

VMware After NSX improved it, and finally launched the technology NSX adds an extra virtualization layer to your network. You can manage your data center from a distance with the help of NSX.

In VMware NSX-NV Certification Covers a These major Topics, Including:

  • Introduction to Network Virtualization
  • How NSX VT solve Today’s WAN Challenges
  • Rethinking Network Constructs
  • Introducing Logical Load Balancing
  • Introducing the VMware NSX Distributed Firewall
  • IPSec VPN with VMware NSX
  • SSL VPN-Plus with VMware NSX
  • Virtual Networks, Real Extensions
  • Networking Challenges in Active-Standby Sites
  • VMware NSX for Active-Standby Sites
  • Networking Challenges in Active-Active Sites
  • Challenges and Limitations
  • Data Center Consolidation through Network Virtualization
  • ESXi Hypervisors with VDS
  • NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW)
  • OSPF and NSX Connectivity
  • BGP and NSX Connectivity

 VMware NSX-NV Data Center: How to Install, Configure, Manage?

Training Duration: 40 Hours

Exam Code: VCP6-NV ( NSX v6.2/6.4)

Language: English

Certification Cost:  USD 250

Training Fee: USD $600

100% Exam Passing Record: Free Technical Consultant Support till Your Exam Date.

 What You Learn During This Training?

In 40 Hours Training you understand how to install, configure and manage a VMware NSX-NV Data Center environment. You get access to the software-defined environment and during the hands-on labs so you can enhanced skills you’ve learned during the Training immediately.

After Training, you are able to configure a Vmware NSX-NV infrastructure or you can configure VPN, load balancing and configure a firewall.


Before going for this training You should understand Some Concept of networking

  • CCNA Routing & Switching
  • Basic VMware, & Network




 What is Network Virtualization?

Virtualization as the New

The Server Virtualization Revolution.

Virtualization in Network Technologies

Defining Network Virtualization

VMware NSX Architecture

Rethinking Network Constructs

 Layer 2 Connectivity

Provisioning VLANs

Introducing Logical Switches

Layer 3 Connectivity

Introducing Distributed Logical Routing

Starting to Get Physical

Living on the Edge

Edge Routing

Network Address Translation

Server Load Balancing

Introducing Logical Load Balancing

Other Interesting Edge Network Features

Virtualization as a Security Control

 The Evolution of Firewalls

Statefulness Defined

Application Firewalls and Next-Generation Firewalls

Demilitarized Zone

Classic Data Center Security Designs

Anatomy of a Modern Cyber Attack

The Zero Trust ModelA

Real World Analogy: Secure Airport

Introducing the VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

VMware NSX Security Partners Integration

Security On-Demand: Service Composer

Identity Firewall

Micro-Segmentation Defined

Edge Firewall

Security-Based Virtual Private networks

IPsec VPN with VMware NSX

SSL VPN-Plus with VMware NSX

Other Interesting VMware NSX Security Features


Endpoint Monitoring and Application Rule Manager

Virtual Networks, Real Extensions

The Evolution of Secondary Sites

The Cold SiteThe Warm Site

The Hot-Backup Site

The Virtualized Hot Site

The Active Site

Networking Challenges in Active-Standby Sites

VMware NSX for Active-Standby Sites

Networking Challenges in Active-Active Sites

Spanning Tree Protocol and Failure Domains

Extension and Traffic Behavior

Provisioning Complexity

VMware NSX for Active-Active Sites

Layer 2 VPNs

Industrializing Networks

 Automating IT

Pre-Provisioned Networks

Challenges and Limitations

Automating Physical Networks

Example of an Automated Network Topology

Challenges and Limitations

Network Automation with VMware NSX

VMware NSX Integration with Automation Stacks

vRealize Automation


One Network

 Data Center Network Evolution

Three-Tier Design

Three-Tier Design with Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation

Ethernet Fabrics

Data Center Consolidation through Network Virtualization

An Open Data Center Network Architecture

Consolidated Network Operations

VMware vRealize Log Insight

VMware vRealize Network Insight