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19 Apr 2020

What is SDN Technology and Challenges Without it?

SDN stands for Software-Defined Networking Training created by Cisco. Its solutions utilize next-generation Network Architectures to deliver better experiences more securely. This technology lends a helping hand in networking technology so that Tomorrow’s networks are more flexible and programmable and able to meet the increased demands of future infrastructure through centralized, automated management with improved cost efficiency.
As we know that managing traditional, decentralized networks is inefficient, configuring and troubleshooting every network device usually takes time. SDN Technology addresses this by separating the brains of the network from its power, separating the data plane and the control plane, so that we can make changes to all network devices from one centralized controller. SDN leverages next-gen technologies like virtualization and Openflow based forwarding for this approach.
ACI Technology 
ACI stands for Application Centric Infrastructure which is created by Cisco it comes under SDN Technology. The Suite of this course will help you realize the potential of your data center. By improved system capabilities, we learn how to reduce operating costs, automate IT tasks, and accelerate data center application deployments. Mastering ACI skills enable you to become among the elite crowd of network experts in this new and niche IT trend. This course covers IT Trends like big data and cloud which is a challenging transport network infrastructure. It poses a big pressure on its ability to cope with the increasing traffic and automation demands. This mastery would potentially result in job moves with much higher pay levels.
SD-WAN Technology 
SD-WAN training is created by Cisco which teaches us how to create, manage and operate a secure an extensible network using Cisco SD-WAN products. This training helps us how to configure, operate and monitor overlay routing in a secure extensible network. The Cisco SD-WAN solution is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture that facilitates digital and cloud transformation for enterprises. Cisco SD-WAN technology significantly reduces WAN costs and time to deploy new services. By SD-WAN technology we can build a robust security architecture that’s crucial for hybrid networks and provides a strong policy framework. It provides end-to-end segmentation for protecting critical enterprise computing resources. It extends seamlessly into a public crowd. Optimize the user experience for SaaS applications.
SD-Access Technology 
SD-Access is a technology created by Cisco which gives a solution in your enterprise network. This course is built on the principles of Cisco Digital Network Architecture ( Cisco DNA). It provides a transformational shift in building and managing networks, faster, easier and with improved business efficiency. By decoupling network functions from hardware, Cisco SD-Access helps ensure policy consistency, enabling faster launches of new business services and significantly improving issue resolution times while being open and extensible and reducing operational expenses.
Challenges Without SDN Technology 
Today there are many challenges in managing the network, because of manual configuration and fragmented tool offerings. Manual operations are slow and error-prone. Issues are exacerbated because of constantly changing environments. The growth of users and different devices types make it more complex to configure and maintain a consistent user policy across the network.
To overcome these challenges, Cisco created its SDN, ACI, SD-WAN and  SD-Access Technology to overcome all these issues and create the networks and work on future technologies.
Net Expert Solutions provides you the best training in SDN technologies like ACI, SD-WAN, SD-Access technology so that you can build future networks. All the multivendor technologies with various modes of training and lab facilities give you the best knowledge to stand in an elite crowd of networking experts.

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