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Devnet Expert Online Certification Training Course

Get DevNet Expert training Institute to master network automation skills and accelerate your career growth. Learn from industry experts and gain hands-on experience to implement and manage network infrastructure efficiently.

In today's digital age, network automation has become an essential skill for network engineers and administrators. DevNet Expert training can equip you with the skills and knowledge required to become an expert in network automation Training. Our institute offers comprehensive training that covers all aspects of DevNet Expert certification Course, from basic concepts to advanced techniques.

    Our DevNet Expert training course is designed to help you achieve your career goals and stand out in the industry. Here are some highlights of the course:

  • Learn from industry experts: Our trainers are experienced network automation professionals who have worked with leading organizations.
  • Hands-on experience: Gain practical experience through real-world projects and lab exercises to apply your skills.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Our course covers all the topics required to become a DevNet Expert, including coding, automation, and orchestration.
  • Flexible learning options: We offer online and offline training options to suit your learning style and schedule.
  • Industry-recognized certification: DevNet Expert Online certification instititue Online is globally recognized, and our training course prepares you to pass the exam.

    Our DevNet Expert training course covers the following topics:

  • Python programming basics

  • Network automation with Python

  • API development and consumption

  • Network programmability with NETCONF and RESTCONF

  • DevOps for network automation

  • Infrastructure automation with Ansible

  • Network orchestration with Cisco NSO

  • Network automation using SDN and NFV

If you're looking to enhance your network automation skills and accelerate your career growth, DevNet Expert training Institute Online is the way to go. Our comprehensive course covers all the topics required to become a DevNet Expert training, and our trainers are experienced professionals who can guide you every step of the way. Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful career in network automation.

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Before going for this training, you should understand Some Concept of Networking


  • In- Depth Technology Knowledge In Real World Network

  • Career Guidance With 4xCCIE Instructor

  • 100% Placement Record in MNC’s

  • Materials: Recordings I PPT’s I Official Books I Class Notes

  • Interview Preparation By 4xCCIE Trainer

  • Vendors Certified & 8+ Years Experienced Trainers From Networking Industry

  • 24×7 Training I Lab I Management Support

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  • Life-Time Doubt Support With Same Technology

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Cisco Certified DevNet Expert (v1.0) Exam Topics – Lab Exam

Exam Description: The Cisco Certified DevNet Expert (v1.0) Lab Exam is an 8- hour, hands-on exam that requires a candidate to plan, design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain software solutions within complex automation-driven network environments.

  • 1.1 Design a solution based on an on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud deployment, considering these factors:

  • 1.2 Recommend a deployment strategy to mitigate risk and impact on service availability, for a given scenario

  • 1.3 Modify an existing network automation solution based on business and technical requirements (includes gap analysis)

  • 1.4 Use Git in a CI/CD development workflow

  • 1.5 Troubleshoot issues with a CI/CD pipeline (e.g., code-based failures, pipeline issues, and tool incompatibility)

  • 2.1 Create a scalable solution for infrastructure automation (considering areas such as network impact, risk, and tool selection)

  • 2.2 Build, manage, and operate a Python-based REST API with a web application framework (endpoints, HTTP request, and response)

  • 2.3 Build, manage, and operate a Python-based CLI application to use a REST API

  • 2.4 Consume and use a new REST API, given the documentation

  • 2.5 Create a RESTCONF or NETCONF payload based on a given YANG module, and interpret the response
  • 2.6 Create a NETCONF filter by using XPath
  • 2.7 Configure network devices on an existing infrastructure by using NETCONF or RESTCONF, given YANG analysis tools
  • 2.8 Create and use a role by utilizing Ansible to manage infrastructure, given support documentation
  • 2.9 Use Terraform to statefully manage infrastructure, given support documentation
  • 2.10 Create a basic Cisco NSO service package to meet given business and technical requirements. The service would generate a network configuration on the target device platforms using the "cisco-ios-cli" NED and be of type "python-and-template"

  • 3.1 Create, modify, and troubleshoot scripts by using Python libraries and SDK documentation to automate against APIs (ACI, AppDynamics, DNA Center, FDM, Intersight, IOS XE, Meraki, NSO, Webex)

  • 3.2 Automate the configuration of a Cisco IOS XE network device (based on a provided architecture and configuration), including these components:

  • 3.3 Deploy an application on a Cisco IOS XE device by leveraging the technologies of Guest Shell and application hosting

  • 3.4 Modify and troubleshoot an automated test by using pyATS to meet requirements

  • 3.5 Design a model-driven telemetry solution based on given business and technical requirements by using gNMI dial-in, gRPC dial-out, and NETCONF dial-in

  • 3.6 Create YANG model-driven telemetry subscriptions

  • 4.1 Create a Docker image (including Dockerfile)

  • 4.2 Package and deploy a solution by using Docker Compose

  • 4.3 Package and deploy a solution by using Kubernetes

  • 4.4 Create, consume, and troubleshoot a Docker host and bridge-based networks and integrate them with external networks

  • 5.1 Leverage OWASP secure coding practices into all solutions to meet given requirements

  • 5.2 Create a certificate signing request (CSR) by using OpenSSL; send CSR to a provided certificate authority; and use the certificate to secure a web application

  • 5.3 Use OAuth2+ to obtain an authentication token
  • 5.4 Use a secret management system to secure an application
  • 5.5 Use tokens, headers, and secrets to secure a REST API


  • Devnet Expert Certification Training is an advanced course designed to provide professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to design and develop complex applications built on Cisco platforms. The course covers various topics, including advanced software development, automation, network programmability, and application deployment.

  • Getting Devnet Expert certification can offer numerous benefits, including better career prospects, higher salaries, and increased credibility in the industry. It demonstrates your expertise in developing complex applications and solutions on Cisco platforms.

  • The duration of the Devnet Expert training program may vary depending on the training provider. Typically, it takes around 40-50 Hours to complete the course.

  • Devnet Expert training is available in both online and offline modes. Depending on your preference, you can choose either mode of training.

  • The prerequisites for the Devnet Expert course include Devnet Associate + Devnet Professional.

  • The fee structure for the Devnet Expert training program can vary depending on the in which time you enroll in this course. Discounts may be available for early registration, group registration, or for certain categories of learners, such as students or veterans.

  • After completing the Devnet Expert training, you can explore various job roles such as Network Automation Architect, Solutions Architect, Technical Lead, and Network Infrastructure Engineer.

  • You can enroll in Devnet Expert training Online by you can go Net Expert Solutions Website ( as well as NES Physical Center.

  • To register for the Devnet Expert certification exam, you need to visit the Cisco website and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can schedule the exam and pay the exam fee. The exam can be taken online or at a testing center. Note that passing both the written and practical exams is required to obtain the certification.

Training Duration 100 Hours
Module DevNet Expert
Language English | Hindi
Training Cost
Exam Lab Cost CORE USD $400 Lab USD $1600
Tuesday-Friday 1.5 Hours/Day
Saturday-Sunday 2 Hours/Day
Training Mode Online/Classroom

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